Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Back

Well, Hello, Everyone! I know it has been a while but I have taken being busy to a whole new level.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! We did, it just seemed to be extra busy this year. I know for sure that having Christmas and Wyatt's birthday was part of the reason we were so busy. Now, school has started back and I think I will be able to get into some kind of routine again. I am going to do my best to keep this more updated.

This is a picture of Wyatt and Olivia enjoying Wyatt's favorite toy that he got for Christmas!


Carly Winborne said...

welcome back! i've missed seeing and hearing from you!

hope you're doing well!

Amy H. said...

Great running in to you today! Next time, let's plan it!

Amber said...

They are beautiful!