Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet Motherhood!

Wyatt has the stomach virus! He started throwing up at about 8:00 last night and did not quit until around 11:00. It was awful, I have never seen him this sick before. But in the midst of changing sheets and washing pajamas, I had this overwhelming since of joy! Not because Wyatt is sick but because of the selflessness I felt. There was a time that the thought of children throwing up made me sick and now late at night I am cleaning it up without even a thought. As silly as this may sound, I started crying! Here I am taking care of my sick child, it is a natural as breathing and I love it. I love being a mother and I have always know that, but in this moment I was overwhelmed by that thought. So, after everything was cleaned up and things had settled down, I just rocked Wyatt. I thought about Wyatt and Olivia, and how sweet motherhood really is, and how thankful I am for it!


Pamela said...

awww:( I hope he feels better soon. Poor thing!

Amy H. said...

Hey, Erin. Hope Wyatt is better now. Bryce got it, too. :( He's been so sweet but hasn't had much energy b/c of not keeping food down. They were both in the Y childcare the other day, so there might be others!

Carly Winborne said...

i hope you're on your way to feeling better soon! i talked with adam in ss this morning and he said, fortunately, that olivia is well. glad to hear it!

you stay well, too.

PS: the brick on your house is looking good! :)