Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Am Overwhelmed!

From tubes in Wyatt's ears yesterday to the eye doctor appointment for Olivia today, I am wondering what I am going to be doing tomorrow. It seems that December of 2008 has been and will continue to be the busiest month that I can remember. And this leaves me feeling like I cannot catch up on anything. There is always something that needs to be done in the house such as laundry, cleaning, cooking....the list keeps going. Not to mention things I would like to do for myself, like going to the gym! Sometimes I feel like crawling in bed, pulling the covers over my head, and hoping that in some magical way this all gets done without me. And I know what you must be thinking, "That's life" or "That's being a mom," but I would say back, "So, you have never felt this way, well, you must be perfect!" Because, this is not me! I like being busy, but here lately it has risen to a new level and I am overwhelmed! Sure, this to shall pass and I know that but right now I want to know when?

Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year, but here lately I catch myself ready for it to be over. And this makes me very sad. Everything seems to be one more thing to add to my list and I just want to get it over with. I love decorating the tree, cooking, having parties with friends, but this year I have not been in the mood for really any of it. I sound like a real Scrooge, don't I.

Well, all I know I can do, is get up everyday, start over, and count my blessings because I know there are plenty. By doing that I realize I don't have that many worries, and in the end everything well get done, Christmas will be wonderful, and I will look back at this and think, "Get over yourself, Erin!"


Carly Winborne said...

My dear friend,
I totally understand. And when you overlap caring for two children into the mix, it makes it even more complicated. Just know that you're not alone.

Please let me know if I can help do anything, though. You know I'm here.

Tyanne said...

Are you kidding? my day isn't complete without thinking about crawling under the bed ( but there are too many dust bunnies who have taken up residence there for my allergies to stand)at least a thousand times! It seems like this time of year my calendar fills up so fast that you don't have time to sit and enjoy Christmas!! But I am told the older the kids get the more busy you get.....I think that was supposed the be helpful in some way?!?!?!?

The Long Family said...

So glad you started a blog!! And you know what, I have no kids but I feel like crawling under the covers about once a week.... It is life but if you didn't feel that way, then something would be wrong! Now I must get to "making" Christmas presents and laundry.