Sunday, December 14, 2008

Batman to the Rescue!

That's my girl! Olivia has decided that Batman is her hero and ever since she has gotten these pajamas, I can't seem to get her out of them. The pj's came equipped with a cape, so she flies around the house saving Wyatt! I am not sure where she has learned about Batman but I am pretty sure it was from her friends at school. I do think that this is funny now, however, I hope she grows out of it. I would like to be able to dress her in pink again someday. But who knows I may have a tomboy on my hands which is ok because I was a tomboy! Either way she is precious to me!

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Amy said...

She's precious to me, too. I love the pjs and if Collin sees them, I'm sure Santa will have to locate another pair ASAP. Love the blog, and I'll be checking in frequently. I told you I'm an addict.